Welcome on the home page of cattery Mutiny,CZ
We are a small cattery of hairless cats Canadian Sphynx Mutiny,Cz  located in Czech Republic. Was registered at international organization FIFe.The goal of the cattery is to breed healthy,happy and playful kittens that will grow into sphynx cats. All of the cats are used to live inside.They don't live anywhere alone,isolated from the others or in cages.I care about my cats very much therefor they are regularly vaccinated and dewormed.All my cats have also been tested for genetic heart disease HCM and all my   breeding cats will be tested for HCM  as well.
In the case of interest and questions, please contact me sphynxmutiny@seznam.cz or sphynxmutiny@gmail.com.
Thank you for visiting our website. Sandra 



Sphynx Cattery Mutiny,CZ Sandra Lamichová


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